Earth Day Arrival Celebration, Early Spring Planting in the Garden

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Ever since I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida it’s always been a new home to me. I’ve adjusted to my surounding and felt more like myself in my Graden. I enjoy watching the magic of growing things out of nothing. The Plants I produce supplies my nutrition right in my backyard.

The Earth Day celebration will be here soon and I wanted to showcase the plants I’ve grown throughout the winter which are still fully alive. These are a few Photos of my Garden I recently started working on. What I have now is a small project soon to be bigger.

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This looks like the home of Old Man’ Dingo with his dead man bones buried somewhere

Earth Day is coming up soon and I went ahead and planted a few ftruits like Cantolope and Sweet WaterMelon. It will be a celebration to last.

Below is my Italian Tomatoe Tree

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This picture below was my first attempt to grow Broccolic Raab which had Flowered

Hugarian Yellow Pepper

Kale Blue Vates Scotch Curled

Kale Blue Vates Scotch Curl
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Moringa Tree A.K.A The Miracle Tree
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This here is my Lemon Balm: Melissa Officnalis, it has survived the harshed Winter. It is best buds with Peppermint. I add it to my teas.

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