The Undergrounds CoffeeHaus

(Flor Carrasco) (+1) 954.478-8791

Local hangout spot The Undergrounds Coffee Haus is located in a market area upstairs on the second floor, without signs or pictures this place is really hidden. They serve many different Coffee drinks, the local favorite is the grasshopper. I’m happy to drink a Caramel Iced Latte  diary free with my agave sweetener.

 They are open late 

Books are for sale!

Discover stunning gifts for the home

Many comfortable seating are provided with tables. Movies and Tv shows are always being played. On the Screen we are watching That So 70’s Show they are chilling too in a Jacuzzi.

Treat yourself to the delights of cupping massage.

A DIY Lamp made with Plastic Cups and Lights at the Underground CoffeeHaus

Join the Party! Drink Wine. Be Social. Red Heart Wine Club

Support your Local Business owners, here you can purchase homemade bath products and hand handmade jewlery.

There are many real ArtWork hanging on the walls. This is a painting of Elvis The King of Rock n Roll playing his Guitar.


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