My Trip to China Spring 2016

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              On March 20 2016,  Fiance Hakeem and I went on a twenty three hour flight to china to teach English for four months. Prior to living in a different country, I had previously lived in New York City all my live until I decided to move to Los Angeles, California on my own where I meet my Fiance Hakeem.

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The transition of cities was a whole new ball game for me right from the start. I gained a lot of experience from the leap of faith I made. When the idea of teaching in a different country with my partner sprung up, we were determined.

The time difference from the states and where we landed in Guangzou is 15 hours ahead of where we flew out from Los Angeles, so that we were set two days over. We left March 18th and arrived March 21st!

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We were treated with great hospitality and courtesy. We taught in a prestigious private school with students from grade school all the way up to high school. The school’s name is Hailiang Foreign Languages School. It is located in rural Zhuji City, Zhejiang province, south of Hangzhou and Shanghai.

The campus is ginormous and their amenities are astronomical.

The students have dormitories, music and art centers, gymnasiums, including shopping centers, a bowling alley and much more. Teachers and staff live on campus apartments which are part of the compensation plan, with an additional monthly salary on top of that.

Hakeem and I lived on campus. In 15 minutes we were at our office or in class teaching. We each had our own apartments, and the school provided us with everything we needed inside.

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         We were accompanied by the Director of Foreign Affairs to handle important errands to the bank for new Chinese accounts, and Chinese phone service etc. Twice every week, the school offered staff bus rides to shopping centers and back.  It was an amazing trip and I have a few photographs I took to commemorate the great experience.

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Hakeem and I frequently went out by foot, walking and exploring many places. We went into town and purchased bicycles and rode our bikes everywhere day and night. The last thing we did was buy a gas run motorcycle. Cross road tripping was a good way to zoom through beautiful landscapes and meet the friendly locals.

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