50 Cal Cafe, Davie, Florida

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It was a beautiful day in Davie, Florida and Hakeem and I decided to visit 50 Cal Cafe for Lunch.

Treat yourself to the delights of cupping massage.  Davie, Florida is a lovely place,

at 50 Cal Cafe you can eat a heart healthy meal from farm to plate! We found a Cafe with a great menu serving delicious food like smoothies and wraps.

Discover stunning gifts for the home

An old farm tractor is on displayed as well as a retro cash register.The cafe shares space inside for cross fit, so ladies and gentlemen go and get your work out!
They make homemade honey!If you want to be fit you should come eat here and shop for plants in their farm which is outside.

CoCoa plantsThis is a giant Cocao tree for sale. The Lizards love this place too!

Join the Party! Drink Wine. Be Social. Get Paid.There are a few Pineapple & Banana trees.





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